On this blog, I'm going to post my feelings. I can't really control them and I need somewhere to vent. I have nobody to talk to, so I will consider this blog my journal.


these girls i know are talking about something on tinychat and i just want to stab both of them

the one girl always has strong opinions (ABOUT EVERYTHING!) but never knows what she’s talking about

and the other girl has a good head on her shoulders but is agreeing with the stupid girl.

somebody please come get fucked up with me
i am so tired and so cranky. 

apparently i’m going to the movies with this girl today
cool i guess

i think i’m going to start hanging out with more of the guys at my school. most of them always offer me to smoke with them anyway so i’ll just start saying yes instead of no

and most of them are super hot

it’s a win-win

It’s funny to me that I ever wanted out of the “proana” world. What the fuck was I thinking?!

Starting today I’m fasting. I’m done being a fat ass.

Coffee and cigarettes: that’s all for me.

And I really need to start working out.